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Swasti Pal

“Dr. Gupta is one of the few doctors I trust blindly. When I first met her, she was the 100th doctor I was meeting, and I had lost faith in doctors. But she took so much time to understand the entire history of my case, explained to me what she thought we should do, and put me at so much ease. She is extremely approachable, responsive, and very good at what she does Can’t recommend her highly enough”

Amit Lakhani

“My father was suffering with high grade fever, loss of weight, appetite for a long period and the condition got deteriorated so much that puss got accumulated in the abdomen and despite of various diagnosis procedures, biopsies, scans etc there were no signs of disease that a proper treatment could be started. I remember taking him to Dr Neha in February this year where in she started anti tuberculosis treatment and thankfully now the body is reacting well to the treatment and we can see that his fever has gone, appetite has improved, he is now moving , going for walk and improving by the day. All thanks to Dr Neha Gupta God bless you doctor Neha”

Ishika Agarwal

“She has been my mother’s saviour during this pandemic. I am thankful to God that I contacted her for my mother’s treatment. A very polite and humble doctor. Her WhatsApp status says counting blessings, +1 from my family”

My wife had a severe brain infection & Dr Neha Gupta treated her in Medanta along with Dr Arun Garg in 2013. Touchwood she is doing fine .


Dr. Gupta was very patient and helpful during my recovery. She took time to understand my symptoms and took proactive measures to keep me in the best health. I am very grateful for her time and effort.


I'm very impressed by Dr. Consultation...She always listen the problem . She is very polite. I was suffering from serious infection. She handaled it very efficiently and it my new life befoz of her only.


Dr. Neha Gupta has done so much for our family, we appreciate her caring nature, and adore her loving personality she give to her patients.She has a lovely combination of professionalism and caring and I appreciate it very much.Thank you dr. Neha for taking such good care of our son.


I have been consulting Dr Neha over last more than nine months in connection withtreatment of of family elder. Found her precise, clear in her advice and course of treatment. Listens to our oberervations and anxieties and responded well. Thank you.


I had chosen Dr Neha Gupta after screening several doctors on net and I am so glad to have found her. She is a true professional, very meticulous and full of compassion and immense patience for listening to the patients. She is up to date with modern drugs. I am so very thankful to her for saving the life of my best friend


Awesome experience, Dr. Neha gupta is a very Professional Doctor and have the Caring Staff, she told me everything in details, Explain my problems correctly without hiding anything, Awesome experience. I suggest everyone to visit dr. Neha for any kind of Pain they are facing. She is the best infectional specialist in gurgaon.. Very happy with the treatment & result... Would recommend to everyone.


Dr Prabhat Goyat referred me to consult Dr Neha Gupta.i was suffering from brucellosis for 2years.my case is more complicated because i have drug ellargy.but after meeting her the infection was cured very fast.she is an expert in her field and up to date with latest.she is very caring and sof spoken.i will always recommend her to everyone who is suffering from any bacterial infections.she is the best dr i ever saw I was glad to interact with her


I had severe infection because of a shoe bite and it was extremely painful, it didn't heal for 3 months,I consulted many doctors and took medicines for it also paid a lot for it but when Dr. Neha Gupta treated me and gave me an antibiotic and it took just a week for it to heal,I was surprised and I couldn't thank her more! Later I also caught severe cold and Dr. Neha's treatment was so accurate and it gave me instant relief! I'm so glad to have found a doctor like her!


Dr. Neha Gupta has best Infectious Diseases specialist because my patient is recover various type of infection by mam. I pray to God mam is continue progress in her field's.


A great clinician with a thorough knowledge of the subject and a great human being fully dedicated towards patient care....


She's focused, straight forward and one of the most kind doctors I've ever met , I'm happy and cured.


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